The need for precision non-intrusive optical measurements of single and multiphase flows often arises in a broad range of fundamental and applied research areas. Below is a short list of areas and tasks where application of modern measurement techniques is crucial.

  • Aircraft engineering – aerodynamics, foil design, turbomachinery cooling, supersonic flows;
  • Energy engineering and power saving – aerodynamics simulation of combustion chambers, separators, fuel and oxygen mixing, coil burning, process simulation in gas-turbine systems;
  • Motor-vehicle construction – motor vehicle aerodynamics, drag reducing, flows inside passenger compartment and engine body, investigation of combustion in cylinders;
  • Medicine and biotechnologies – inhalators, prosthetic valves, simulation of blood flow in vessels, micro electromechanical systems (MEMS);
  • Geosciences – simulation of erosion processes, ice formation, investigation of atmosphere, weather, contamination propagation;
  • Fluid mechanics – turbulent jets, boundary layers, vortex flows, heat- and mass- transfer in single and multiphase flows;
  • Hydraulics, industrial aerodynamics, chemical industry processes – simulation of flows in pumps and channels, cavitation prevention, heat exchangers, chemical microreactors, flows around buildings, bridges, etc.