POLIS measurement systems are applied to study hydrodynamics, multiphase and reacting flows, energy devices optimization

Our measurement systems allow obtaining instantaneous velocity fields, temperature and film thickness fields, size of disperse phase and other physical properties. All products are based on non-intrusive optical measurement techniques.

POLIS measurement systems are based on modern optoelectronic equipment provided by leading innovative companies worldwide.

About company

Our main goal is to supply scientific, educational and industrial organizations of modern instruments for optical diagnostics of flows. POLIS measurement systems based on Particle Image Velocimetry techniques for velocity field measurements in liquids and gases (PIV, Tomo PIV, Stereo PIV, Micro PIV) and also on drop and bubble diameter measurement techniques (IPI, PFBI), concentration, temperature and film thickness measurement techniques (PLIF, LIF) allow solving diverse scientific and applied tasks. We provide all services including custom development, manufacture, embedding and maintenance of measurement systems. Our main advantage is a possibility to create the unique systems developed to suit customer needs. If you have demand for solving scientific tasks contact us. We know how! more...